Joint Win Shipping Agency Xiamen

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Joint Win Shipping Agency Xiamen


Founded on October 9, 2006, and approved by the Ministry of Transport, Joint Win Shipping Agency Xiamen is a ship agency that offers a full range of port agent services to international vessels in the port area of Xiamen. The amount of the company‘s registered capital is 1 million RMB, and its international ship agency certification number is MOC-VA01643.

Joint Win Shipping Agency Xiamen provides comprehensive port agency services in the port of Xiamen, including international shipping agency, cargo forwarding, customs brokerage, inspection and quarantine clearance. Conducting our business under the principle of integrity, humanity, balanced development, and mutual benefits, our company dedicates itself to providing professional, high-standard, and comprehensive port agency services to our domestic and foreign ship owners, operators, and charterers. We are committed to creating an amicable and harmonious environment in our port agency service, an environment conducive to our successful cooperation with the owners of cargo and ship, as well as to a healthy development of logistics industry.

After more than five years of assiduous efforts, our company’s ship agency services have expanded to cover all the docks and piers in the port of Xiamen. Today, the company’s regular ship agency services include the following types of cargo: import and export of granite block stone, import and export of scroll steel, import of PTA, export of Golden Dragon brand buses, and domestic lines of container transportation. Currently, our company maintains close business interactions with many general cargo terminals in Xiamen port area, such as Dongdu Terminal, Shihushan Terminal, China World Trade Center Terminal, Xiandai Terminal, Tongyi Terminal, Haicang International Container Terminal, Xinhaida Container Terminal, and Ocean Gate Container Terminals. Joint Win Shipping Agency Xiamen has been recognized as a reliable and dedicated business partner.

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